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Do you feel like you are leaving money on the table?

We did, too, until we took matters into our own hands. 

Read our story to see what we did to fix our situation and why we want to help others do the same.

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Juan “The Cookie Man” Ramirez, founder of Marcelita’s Cookies in Minneapolis had a lot of leads to manage. They were coming from a variety of sources including his website, networking events, and referrals, and business was good. Still he felt out of control managing his lead generation process. Because he didn’t have a well-defined process:

  • He was being more reactive than proactive
  • His productivity decreased  
  • His customer service needed improvement 
  • He was leaving money on the table

Juan decided to fix the management of his lead generation process. He sat down to map out his own workflow. He documented each step of his sales process, starting with a new lead and following it through different scenarios that made sense to his sales cycle. Then, he designed and implemented his custom workflow with a market-leading CRM system. 

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Meanwhile, Gayle Noakes had recently launched her own consulting practice after a successful career in corporate training. Her business was growing fast, and she began to feel that some important things were falling through the cracks:

  • Was she following up on leads she received? 
  • Did she have all the information to build a solid relationship with a new prospect? 
  • Did she thank the person who referred her to her last new customer? 
  • Was she leaving money on the table?

Fortunately, Gayle met Juan at a networking event. She expressed her challenge with managing her lead generation process, and Juan showed her what he had developed and the results he had achieved. Because what he did was specific to his business, the two sat down and used the same process to define Gayle’s customized lead generation workflow. 


The rest, as they say, is history. 

Not only did Gayle have an intuitive way to track her leads, she and Juan also realized they had something other small- and medium-sized businesses need: ZoomingSales CRM.

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